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2017-06-06 [



Paper accepted

Great news!

Greta's work on catalyst deactivation in photocatalysis has been accepted by the ACS Catalysis and is now available on their webpage.

In the paper, we discuss deactivation of Pt/TiO2 (P25) during the initial stages of photocatalytic H2 evolution from aqueous solution. This deactivation was attributed to a shift in mechanism, which was accompanied by an increase in CO concentration. Key to this phenomenon is the ratio of Pt atoms to oxygen vacancies, which are created through ultrasonic pretreatment and in situ UV irradiation in the bulk and surface, respectively. We also observed another potential additional contribution to the deactivation by encapsulation of the Pt nanoparticles. This indicates that strong metal–support interaction (SMSI) may indeed happen in aqueous and ambient conditions.