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Dienstag, 2017-06-06

Paper accepted

Great news!

Greta's work on catalyst deactivation in photocatalysis has been accepted by the ACS Catalysis and is now available on their webpage.

In the paper, we discuss deactivation of Pt/TiO2 (P25) during the initial stages of photocatalytic H2...


Freitag, 2016-10-28

We're hiring!

Several open positions are available for application. For more information, visit the "open positions" section of our webpage. Deadline for applications is the 12th of December 2016. Mehr

Dienstag, 2016-10-25

Interview in Chemiereport

A personal interview with Dominik is featured in the current issue of "Chemiereport". Get more information about the reasons for the move to Vienna and the current focus of our work by following the link below. Mehr

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